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Evolution FX was created to fill a big need for a fully transparent, stable, and reliable ZuluTrade copy trading service for traders worldwide. It is a completely automated trading system that can be copied by every trader with a real or even a demo account. You simply set it and forget about it. Not to mention, all our trading history is completely verified by a fully licensed copy trading platform, ZuluTrade.

If you are not familiar with copy trading, you may be asking yourself how this can all work. How do the trades get copied from your account to another? What about fees? What about if I want to close my ZuluTrade account? How do I get paid? Of course, all of these questions are extremely important and we will do our best to answer them here. If we fail to answer any of your questions, please feel free to email us at [email address] with your inquiry and we will respond within 24 hours.

Copy Trading – No Skill Required

Copy trading is the act of copying the trades of another trader on a social/copy trading platform into your own brokerage account. In this case, Evolution FX is the signal provider, and you are the follower on the ZuluTrade platform for page. On ZuluTrade’s end, they have them.

Not only is Evolution FX 100% automated, it is also 100% transparent.

The success of every trader in the ZuluTrade community is based on the transparency of their trading history. It is this reason that we only copy trade with verified traders. The more transparent a trader is, the more likely they are to be copied by thousands of other traders.

At Evolution FX, we want you to be completely confident in our trading abilities. That’s why we have chosen to copy trade with a fully licensed and regulated platform, ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade has been providing cutting-edge services to the online trading community for over 10 years now. They were even awarded as “Best Copy Trading Platform” at the 2020 Forex Awards.

Evolution FX also offers a unique service for new traders that wish to learn how to trade from experienced traders like ourselves. We offer a completely free demo account that will allow you to access all of our signals without risking any money! This allows you to test out our signals and see if they are right for you before committing your hard-earned money into the market!