Nerds Bumpy Jellybeans (Also Known as Huge Chewy Geeks).

I know, much more jellybeans (I assessed the Starburst Sour Jellybeans), yet can you blame me? When you locate the right jellybean, it’s the best combination of problem, chews, and sweet goodness! So, when Candy Addict’s own Brian proclaimed that Geeks Rough Jellybeans are his favorite Easter candy this year, I knew I needed to try them. First, if Brian says they are great, then the possibility that this is true is extremely high. Second, I follow nerdz edibles, particularly of Geeks rope, because you get that crispy and chewy dual bang with the rope. Do you see where I am headed?

I will not maintain you in suspense– these Geeks Rough Jellybeans are keepers. They are kooky as well as unusual, and also extremely delicious! There are five tastes. The tastes aren’t listed on the packaging, but you can think that they are the typical suspects: red (strawberry), yellow (lemon), orange (you thought it, orange), eco-friendly (watermelon), as well as purple (grape). As shown by the detailed title, these beans sport rough outsides, making them a little strange looking and a bit ugly, but who cares! They rock! The hard candy covering is crunchy however won’t damage your teeth. The inside is chewy but smooth, and there’s a perfect equilibrium between crunch and chew.

Nerds Rough Jellybeans

Below is a breakdown of each of the five flavors

Red: This is strawberry, though it’s a little tough to tell. It certainly does not have that sickly sweet synthetic strawberry flavor, which is a reward. The taste is solid, however, and remains (in a great way).

Yellow: Lemon! This one is a bit sour, which I value, given that I love sour sweets. It isn’t sour, though, and also, truly, if the product packaging showed these were meant to be sour jellybeans, I would be distressed because they aren’t sour enough to define themselves by doing this.

Orange: What other flavors could the orange bean be, however, orange? This set has a wonderful, sour orange flavor that reminds me of an orange soft drink, like orange Crush. I like how these jellybean flavors are unique and also distinctive. Visit here for more information Infused Nerds Rope Edibles.

Eco-friendly: This is watermelon flavor, but just barely. Everybody at Candy Addict debated whether it was lime, watermelon, or green apple, and we needed to email Wonka to find out. Even though the watermelon flavor is restrained, it’s still quite tasty.

Purple: Grape! Nice, solid, sour grape flavor. Like the orange, I am reminded of soda– grape Crush! Again, not cloyingly pleasant, which means I can consume much more without making myself unwell. The grape is my favorite taste, though I admit I typically throw a bunch in my mouth simultaneously.