RD Sharma Solutions: Class 10

The RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths PDF are available here to assist students in their test preparation. After gaining in-depth knowledge, students can use RD Sharma Solutions to tackle any question from the RD Sharma textbook. The expert faculty at BYJU’S prepared these solutions for the exercises for students. The main goal of creating the resource is to assist them in self-analysing their areas of weakness as well as assisting them in solving tasks of greater difficulty in an effective manner.

The most effective way for students to prepare for their upcoming exams is to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with the topics and have access to appropriate study materials. Students no longer have to waste time and effort looking for RD Sharma’s Solutions because BYJU’S has provided the solutions in PDFs for free. The exact solutions for the CBSE textbook are produced with the utmost care in order to assist students in acing their examinations and receiving good ratings.

The RD Sharma Book for Class 10 is unquestionably packed with all of the necessary summaries and explanations for students to master. The chapters for Class 10 are based on the lessons in the textbook, ensuring that students get familiar with the pertinent subjects and concepts, as well as the problems. The problems in these RD Sharma solutions are in addition to those in the RD Sharma Solutions Class 10 Maths and are of varying levels of difficulty. Practising these can help students acquire confidence in their ability to solve the many types of problems that may arise on the exam.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths: Chapters in Brief

Chapter 1: Real Numbers

The divisibility of integers and several essential features of integers, such as Euclid’s division lemma, Euclid’s division algorithm, and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, are covered in Chapter 1 of the RD Sharma textbook. The solutions assist students in determining the best strategy and shortcuts for tackling the problem in accordance with the most recent CBSE criteria. Students can download solutions in PDF format and practise them on a regular basis in order to achieve high marks on their board exams.

Chapter 2: Polynomials

Polynomials are algebraic expressions with variables as well as coefficients. The geometrical depiction of linear and quadratic polynomials, the geometric meaning of their zeros, and the link between the zeros and coefficients of a polynomial are all covered in this chapter. All of these ideas are discussed in an interactive manner by our experts at BYJU’S to help students perform well on the exam. The step-by-step explanations for each problem assist students in gaining a better conceptual understanding, which is critical for exam success.

Chapter 3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Problems based on systems of linear equations in two variables, solution of a system of linear equations in two variables, graphical and algebraic techniques of solving a system of linear equations in two variables, and their applications are covered in the third chapter of RD Sharma Solutions. RD Sharma Mathematics Class 10 clearly teaches the subject in a simple language that meets the comprehension ability of kids to help them prepare for their exams. Students can easily grasp how to solve complex problems with the help of the solutions PDF.

Chapter 4: Triangles

Subject specialists at BYJU’S solve the exercises in step by step format in Chapter 4 to help students prepare for their exams. The resemblance of geometric shapes, similar triangles and their properties, some basic proportionality conclusions, and several key proportionality theorems and criteria are all presented in this chapter. Students who are having trouble solving the exercises can use the chapter-by-chapter PDF to quickly grasp the concepts.

Chapter 5: Trigonometric Ratio

Trigonometry is an important branch of mathematics. This chapter introduces basic trigonometric concepts such as trigonometric ratios and their relationships, trigonometric ratios of specific angles, and trigonometric ratios of complementary angles. Students can use solutions developed by BYJU’S subject experts to solve the exercises in this chapter. While solving the problems, students should refer to the solutions PDF to get a better understanding of the concepts that are necessary for the exam.

Chapter 6: Trigonometric Identities

Students will see some trigonometric identities in this chapter, as well as apply them to prove other relevant trigonometric identities. After doing extensive research on each issue, BYJU’S has developed answers for the exercises. Students can also utilise these solutions to solve chapter-by-chapter questions. RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions includes explanations in easy-to-understand language to assist students of all intelligence levels.

Chapter 7: Statistics

The procedures for finding the mean, median, and mode of grouped data, as well as cumulative frequency graphs of a frequency distribution, are covered in Chapter 7 of RD Sharma. The solutions include simple language explanations to improve conceptual knowledge. Additionally, students can easily obtain PDF solutions to improve their problem-solving speed. The goal of offering solutions is to assist students in comprehending questions that are significant in terms of exam preparation. The solutions in RD Sharma Mathematics Class 10 assist students in quickly solving their questions and achieving the best possible results in their board exams.

Chapter 8: Quadratic Equations

The exercise problems in this chapter mostly include various methods for determining their zeros or roots, as well as some applications of quadratic equations in everyday circumstances. Students can download solutions in PDF format to help them prepare for their exams. The solutions cover all of the problems from the recommended textbook based on the most recent CBSE syllabus. The problems provide step-by-step explanations based on the exam format and the weighted marks assigned to each step.

Chapter 9: Arithmetic Progression

A sequence is a set of numbers arranged in a specific order according to a set of rules. Arithmetic progression (AP) is a number sequence in which the difference between any two consecutive numbers is always the same. Important concepts such as general, nth, selection, and the sum of terms of an AP are covered in Chapter 9. Students can use the RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions PDF created by subject specialists at BYJU’S as a reference to help them achieve well in their exams. Based on the needs of students, the PDF is provided in chapter-by-chapter and exercise-by-exercise formats.

Chapter 10: Circle

The locus of all points that are equidistant from the centre is known as a circle. The secant of a circle and tangent to a circle, as well as their properties, are introduced in RD Sharma’s 10th chapter. In addition, circle, triangle, and quadrilateral problems are assessed in the exercises. Students who refer to the solutions will gain a better understanding of the steps involved in solving the issues. The answers created by BYJU’S highly experienced staff are based on the CBSE board’s most recent syllabus.

Chapter 11: Constructions

One of the most important ideas in geometry is construction. Students will learn how to construct a triangle that is comparable to a given triangle and how to find tangents to a circle in Chapter 11. The steps in the production of geometric forms are described in an interactive approach to assist students in grasping the concept quickly. Students who want to master the steps of the structures can obtain the solutions PDF for free. Students will be able to tackle complicated problems that will appear in board exams if they practise the exercise-wise problems on a regular basis.

Chapter 12: Applications of Trigonometry

This chapter explains the key principles based on trigonometric findings in simple and easy-to-understand language. The heights and distances are the main topics on which the difficulties are based. The height of various objects and the distance from a certain point are briefly reviewed beneath each exercise to familiarise students with the kind of questions that may appear on board exams. Students can also utilise the PDF to solve RD Sharma textbook questions and get good grades.

Chapter 13: Probability

What has happened or will happen is always accompanied by a degree of certainty or uncertainty. This leads to determining the likelihood of an event occurring. Probability is an area of mathematics that deals with numerical descriptions of the likelihood of an event occurring or a proposition being true. Students will get an overview of the principles that are explained under each task by using the Solutions PDF. It is also beneficial for pupils to practise issues on a regular basis. Students will obtain a good grasp of the essential principles by solving textbook problems, which will be useful for higher classes as well.

Chapter 14: Coordinate Geometry

The questions of Chapter 14 in RD Sharma’s textbook include fundamental concepts such as understanding rectangular coordinates, the distance between two points, section equations and their applications, collinearity of points, and triangle and quadrilateral area. Methods for answering questions, as well as quick hints, are prominently displayed to aid students in their exam preparation. For a better understanding of concepts that are vital for the exam, the answers PDF offers step-by-step explanations of each question.

Chapter 15: Area of Circle

Students can now access chapter-by-chapter solutions for the RD Sharma textbook, which have been created in accordance with the most recent CBSE rules. This chapter explains how to calculate the area of circular regions and the difference between a sector and a segment of a circle. The key formulas for calculating the areas of circles, as well as the methods involved, are well described. Students can use the solutions PDF to self-assess their understanding of the entire chapter by solving the questions.

Chapter 16: Surface Area and Volume

In this chapter, we’ll see how to convert one of these solids into another, as well as how to calculate the surface areas and volumes of a mixture of two or more solids. The surface area of a three-dimensional figure is the total of its areas. The volume of a substance or shape is the amount of space it takes up. The solutions are well-explained in an interactive manner to make the concept more understandable and easy for students. The experts at BYJU’S solve the exercises after doing extensive research  on each area.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths: Download PDF

Students can download RD Sharma’s solutions for Class 10 maths from the given links in PDF form. It will help the students to understand the chapters in depth.

Chapter Name Download Links
Chapter 1: Real Numbers Download Here
Chapter 2: Polynomials Download Here
Chapter 3: Linear Equations in Two Variables Download Here
Chapter 4: Triangles Download Here
Chapter 5: Trigonometric Ratios Download Here
Chapter 6: Trigonometric Identities Download Here
Chapter 7: Statistics Download Here
Chapter 8: Quadratic Equation Download Here
Chapter 9:Arithmetic Progression Download Here
Chapter 10: Circle Download Here
Chapter 11: Construction Download Here
Chapter 12: Applications of Trigonometry Download Here
Chapter 13: Probability Download Here
Chapter 14:Coordinate Geometry Download Here
Chapter 15: Area of Circle Download Here
Chapter 16: Surface Area and Volume Download Here

Benefits of Using RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths

  • For all questions covered in the RD Sharma textbooks, RD Sharma Solutions use a step-by-step problem-solving technique. It is an excellent resource for students who need to complete homework and study for tests. Students can gain explicit conceptual knowledge of all major topics by studying RD Sharma’s Solutions.
  • For all kids preparing for competitive exams such as Olympiads, studying and practising with RD Sharma Solutions is a surefire approach to improving their grades. These solutions are a comprehensive guide to assisting students in gaining a thorough comprehension of ideas required for a variety of competitive tests.
  • These RD Sharma Solutions are based on the RD Sharma textbooks to ensure that the entire syllabus of each topic is covered.

Study Tips For CBSE Class 10 Exam

  • Solve previous years’ question papers: Students should solve the previous years’ question papers because it will help them to gain a better understanding of the subject and will also assist them in keeping track of time spent in solving the papers and the correctness of the questions attempted.
  • Time management: Proper time management will always help the students to complete their papers on time. If the student uses the time properly, they get relieved from last-minute anxiety and tension. Students can do this by creating a schedule that allocates adequate time to each course.
  • Make self-notes: Even if you know the answers in your mind, you must always create a self-note. While you’re practising, make a list of the steps you’ll need to solve the problem. When it comes to social science and mathematics questions, having good writing habits will come in handy.

It is essential for students to become familiar with the question structure and topic weighting to achieve excellent scores. This article will help to assist students in planning their studies and performing well on tests.