Best themes for wordpress

Word press :-  word press  introduced on may 2003. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg and mick little. word press is an application programming interface which provides open source and cost free content management system .it helps in simple way to create your own website. It has paring with MYSQL or Maria DB database .It has pervasive display system which has used for other applications domains such as mailing lists, forums , media galleries,online stores, learning management system , management sites etc. . It has been used by more than  60 million websites . As April ,2019 it is 33.6% of the top 10 million websites .

For the performance of functions word press is installed on web server or as a part of internet hosting like word For single user testing and learning purpose a local computer can be used.

Features of wordpress :- 

Word press has following features such as written under :- 

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Publishing tools
  • Plugin system
  • Various themes
  • Easy theme system
  • Publish with ease
  • Full standard compliance
  • Media management
  • User management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Built in comments
  • Extend with plugin
  • Use word press in your language
  • Easy installation 
  • Easy up gradation
  • Freedom
  • Own your data
  • Importers
  • Community
  • Contribution
  • Custom content types
  • Application Framework 

Word press themes:- 

Word press themes are also called template files. WordPress themes are the collection of files that works together to produce graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website . A themes represents the way in which the site is displayed without changing the underlying software. These themes are provide visual presentation of the content and data .

With the help of themes you can present your content in an attractive and effective way that the readers can read the better articles. With the help of themes you can create various custom looks of your content and data to present it in a unique and attractive manner.

Features of word press themes

Following are the features word press themes :-

  • SEO
  • Page style
  • Responsive website design
  • Customisation
  • Updating and support features
  • Friendly to social sites
  • Widgets
  • Standard complaint codes
  • Retina display ready
  • Various types of  Designs

How to find wordpress theme

To  find or select a WordPress theme is an easy and simple method . you can find your word press theme by using the steps written under:-

  1. First of all you have to visit the IsltWP website and enter the url of website you want to check. IsltWP will check that the website is using word press or not . If the website is using WordPress then it will try to find out the theme which word press website has applied. It also find out the website plugin used by the site.
  1. You can also use theme to find out the different kind of WordPress themes for the websites and data. This site provides the user large number of themes and review of each theme submission.
  1. The next place for WordPress theme is theme forest themes which also has a large number of themes and premium themes  for the users that can make their websites attractive and effective. It host some of most popular themes which find on the WordPress.
  1. Mojo word press marketplace can also helpful to find you theme for your WordPress. It also provides software products for content management. It has strict designed coding standards.
  1. If you want to find themes for WordPress without the need of coding then  themify themes is best website for you. It has large options for pre set Designs.

Best themes for WordPress

There are various themes available for the WordPress but we will discuss some of best themes which are available for the word press . The person should be aware that he is using right platform for his website or content writing i.e. TheThe best themes for the WordPress are such as written under :- 

  • Spencer :-  Spencer is the multi purpose modern and stylish word press themes which is suitable for all kind of websites whether that can be business and blogs . It provides a drag and drop layouts with fully widgelised home page layout .it also includes multi-purpose templates . It also available with the multi page templates and full page templates  ,custom widgets for Social media and content discovery features. It can be easily set up with  using live customisation and supports all popular page builder plug ins.
  • Indigo :- Indigo is also an multi-purpose modernization plugin theme for the word press which comes with several turnkey websites designs which can be installed in less efforts .It also allows to use drag and drop options to create your own module. The other features of indigo themes are google fonts , Google maps , beautiful typography ,built in social sharing etc. It is easy to use and customisation themes each type of user.
  • Hestia :- it is a premium like free word press  multi-purpose theme for each kind of content related to any field whether it is business, education, retail, news, magazine, fashion, nature etc. It provides free companion plugin which supports client testimonials services and home page selection for your website. It includes support of multi languages in content and data ,woo commerce support , translation ready . There is easy to choose theme customisation and live customisation of themes for word press.
  • Peak :- if any content creator is habitual of adding much more photo’s in his website then he should   use peak .As it provides various kinds of theme for the websites to add images comfortably in an attractive and simple manner. It is specifically launched for the photographers, artists and designers who want to add images in their websites. The features of peak are different kind of attractive layouts, animated widgets , different page templets and unique gallery styles.
  • Inspiro :- the users who want to add video content for their websites can use inspiro for various choices of word press themes. The video themes comes with full screen video background , Stunning images and video galleries ,Powerful portfolio selection etc. It also includes customised. Widgets for portfolio items, multiple page templates and drag and drop page builder like other themes. It also allows user to use video light box to watch videos in free mode.
  • Struct :- for the various kind of business websites struct is the multi themes theme provider for word press content, it provides professional design in an amazing way that every user can be create his business content in an attractive and interesting manner which can caught the eyes of the readers which visit the website of user. It allows larger header images with action to calls button. The features of struct is team members, customised widgets, better quality of images , quick , easy to use ,simple methods to perform functions.
  • Hellomouse:- hellomouse is an Elegant WordPress theme That can be beautifully presents pictures ,images , illustrations , portfolio and blog posts in a grid layout . It is simple and easy to use. It also provides various other features to its users like multiple widgets ,customised widgets ,page builder support, widgets ready area etc. it also to using theme customisation over live preview .
  • Latest :- for the choosing best word press theme other option is the latest. Latest is the multi-purpose word press theme for all kind of websites such as e- commerce websites, blog , business websites, education websites, magazine websites , news websites etc.. It includes various types of options which you need at large level related to any theme. It provides a start guide that user can easily understand the usage of WordPress and it provides simple methods that it can be easy to use.
  • Presence :-  As per its name ,presence provides best word press themes to those users which  want to build there strong online presence by building attractive and effective websites. It comes up with multi purpose website design and colours to  create unique themes .It allows websites creations for each type of website whether it is related to website , education, Real estate, music ,E-commerce and various others. It provides the feature of live customisation.
  • Loft :-  if someone wants excellent typography and Stunning layout for his website than loft is the best option for that type of user. It offered various features with beautiful typography such as excellent design ,better user experience , colours. Customised themes ,calls to actions buttons, sticky navigation , Custom widgets , services , portfolio, testimonial sections, team members etc.
  • Veni :- veni fulfils the requirements of the users for WordPress themes which wants the word press theme in the magazine manner . it provides simple and easiest methodology to perform various tasks under this software. It has collaborated with woo commerce store which can be helpful to easily added an e-commerce online store with your website. Other features of this theme which are different from others are portrait and landscape  featured images, featured pages , flexible layouts ,google forms , unlimited colours ,content from support and more. It is super easy to customise and set up and includes a beginner friendly theme dashboard.
  • Creativo:- creativo is an powerful word press theme with 11 ready made theme websites with a few provides customised theme options with drag and drop options . Its feature are multiple layout styles, different header styles, unlimited colours,sidebars,custom widgets and many more.
  • Modelus :- Modules is like other themes a multipurpose WordPress theme which allows drag and drop options to different kind of users for various alterations in their articles. It is based on turnkey designs . The features of modulus which influences the users to use it are pricing tables ,tabs ,sliders, recent posts , content forms and much others . It is simple and easy for the usage . It also very helpful for better typography as it provides google fonts and type kit support for the each kind of article for smooth and easy typing.
  • Elegant :- elegant is also a  word press theme which provides minilistic and easy themes to the users. It has multipurpose home page designs and comes up with 6 different colours that user can choose the colour as per his choice and requirements .The other basic features of elegant is woo commerce support , portfolio, social media support, integrated page builder ,multi column layouts etc. It makes customisation easy for beginners by easy customisation options with few clicks.Bento :- bento is a multipurpose WordPress theme which provides various themes in free. These themes provides customised themes for any kind of website whether it is related to business , education, real estate , magazines and much more. It provides various features like customisation options, widgets, colours, portfolio etc.
  • Lenscap :- lenscap is a multipurpose WordPress theme which provides magazine style themes .it also comes up with woo commerce support to bring e- commerce stores easily on the website . It comes up various colours options which auto adjust the colour themes based on the theme. The most popular features of lanscap are auto adjust colour schemes  , light box pop up for images and videos , Product page templates, beautiful typography and various others. It also saves the time of user by providing him quick functioning of all levels.
  • TC E Commerce support :- as per specifying its name this is specially designed for any kind of website with modernisation and innovative support which is a multipurpose theme for WordPress for e-commerce websites. It provides modern themes with the full support of woo commerce .The features it includes are banners ,sidebars, testimonials support, call to action button , short codes etc. The themes provided in a simple way and can be customised using in built customisation .
  • Highend :- highend is another excellent choice for multi purpose word press themes . It comes up with some ready made templates which are easily installed with some few steps .It is also a drag and drop page builder. It also includes various page templates with different styles ,custom widgets , multiple sidebars , navigation , portfolio, team members ,photo galleries and various other interesting options.
  • Parallax :- It is an modern, Stylish and multi-purpose themes which helpful to create attractive and effective websites in each type whether its is related to business, knowledge etc. It also allows to use single page word press theme with vertically negavation.It included the features of  portfolio selection, power page builder , Social media integration. Layout combination, contact form , page templates ,custom widgets and much more
  • .Astra theme :- Astra is the fastest and multi purpose theme on the WordPress which is helpful for building all kinds of the websites that can be a blog , a business website ,an e- commerce store etc. Everything can be presented in attractive and effective manner with the help of WordPress themes. The free Astra theme available with all necessary features for its users. If you used altra pro then it provides you more options such as Layout , colours, typography, style headers etc.. It gives you opportunities to create  everything as per your own requirements.
  • DIVI by elegant themes :- Divi elegent is multi-purpose themes and drag and drop word press page builder. It can build any type of website which user wants as per his requirements. You can start with the pre made layout and make customised changes in that layout as per your choice. These are mobile responsive and also have the additional features of gallery, shop, social buttons and landing pages etc.
  • Plum :- plum is an another word press theme which suitable for all kinds of the business whether it is related to any field.   Its home page has beautiful slider on top .The features of the plum are Css animations , beautiful content area, custom widgets, beautiful slider on top etc. The woo theme also support woo commerce .the themes can easily be live customised.
  • Authority pro :- for bloggers, entrepreneurs ,freelancers and persons who want to build their own brand , authority pro is best suitable multi purpose word press theme for users. It has widgeted home page area with multi-purpose layout, live customisation support, customisation headers, woo commerce support etc.
  • Explorer :- explorer helps to find out different unique multi purpose themes for flexible blog and multi-purpose magazine style themes. It has a top page builder which helps to create your own theme . It includes the all features as per the user requirements such as navigation buttons on top ,own page layout creation support, followed by your recent articles. Ultra :- ultra is an super flexible multi purpose theme used for WordPress themes for all kinds of websites .The most suitable feature of ultra is that it comes up with ready made websites that can be easily and simple installed. It also involves drag and drop page builder to edit the designs. In ultra a user can get various options such as Layout choices , custom widgets, social media integration , multiple sidebars , a lot of  colours options etc. These features are easy to use and can set up with custom themes in easy and simple manner.
  • Atmosphere pro :- The multi purpose word press theme with minimal design known as atmosphere. It is famous for speed and performance for the themes for word press which is based on genesis theme framework. It provides home page with 4 widget ready areas. Like lanscape, it also can used with woo support for e-commerce websites.
  • Ocean WP:- if you want word press themes for free then Ocean Wp is a free word press multi-purpose themes is easy to use and one can find various options for free themes. Its features are layout choices , nevaviation,custom support , full side widgets , Woo Commerce support,custom logo support and many others which are required to fulfil the requirements of the users.
  • Nectar:- nectar is a WordPress themes provider which provides multi-purpose theme with beautiful colour scheme and stylish layout. Its homepage uses parallax sides on the top of the web page on websites which supports call of action and most important content out of the article . It supports all kinds of the websites. It involves multiple layout combination options , portfolio and testimonials, custom widgets and multiple sidebars etc. It also comes up with theme optional penal  which allows a user to set up his website quickly  without any struggle.
  • Feltmag :- feltmag is an magazine style word press theme for the websites which creates a lot of content .it has features full screen header which is used by the large number of content in a grid layout. It has two navigation buttons on the top ,large featured images , multiple layout combination , stylish headers ,social media support and more . It provides various customisation options that user can create the theme as per his requirements . It is user friendly which is easy to use and has options which are helpful to perform each of function in an simple manner with less time.

Conclusion :- 

the WordPress is a great platform of any kind of content writers which provides great features to perform in an efficient and effective way on the online platforms. It also provides the attractiveness to the users .As today is the era of technology and word press provides great opportunity to involve with that technology at large level with simple and easy method which utilises time , efforts and talent of various users. The various kinds of the themes of the word press provides the websites unique way to represent the content and information in front of the clients . The each and every feature included in different kind of WordPress themes is a manner to provide better platform for users that they can present their talent in an attractive manner by utilising all their skills. These themes and their features are very helpful for users and content creators to create different kind of unique layouts , webpage design, insert images and videos. It also provides quickness and saves time with ensured of better and standardised performance. These themes provides simple and less steps for customisation that users can easily use the each function and take advantage of various features as possible. The technical and innovative era of internet required more type of features which can be helpful and utilised for development of technological websites in an easiest and effective manner for better future.

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