How Do Bloggers Make Money

Are you an aspiring Blogger? Do you want to become a digital marketer and want to make money? If yes, then that means that you are really passionate about something and want to generate income out of it and then you think of opening a blog. Well a blog is an exceptional way to brand yourself personally and also is a great way of generating income.

But now you must be thinking that a blog is nothing but a personal website that has a topic on which it gives information and you must be thinking as to How do Bloggers Make Money, how they generate income from just sitting in a corner and typing stuff on the web and also you must be thinking, “What is it that they do with their websites that they get paid such mammoth amounts of money? ” This is exactly the question we will give the answer to.

There are various blogging and publishing platforms like, Aircus and WordPress etc. WordPress is the most promising publishing platform in the world by powering 30% of the world’s websites and hence WordPress has been the source of revenue for almost all the renowned bloggers in the world.

The Key to make money through blogging is to be Passionate, consistent, patience and doing it the right way by following the highly useful information provided here. Provided here will be some of the ways as to how you can generate money through blogging and maintain your earnings. But Mark our words, this is not a “make money overnight” scheme, unlike the other scam and the pretty pictures of beachside homes, this is a complete guide to Legitimate Blogging and nothing here comes easy. So let’s begin!

1.     CPC ads :

CPC stands for Cost per Click, cost per click is set by the advertiser and by displaying their ad, you may get a commission. Google Adsense is mostly used for CPC ads and it’s a really easy way to monetize your content. All you need to do here is just add a script from Google and start displaying the ad, every time a viewer clicks on the ad, you get a certain commission. Google adsense is a good way to make money when you are just starting with your blog. It must have happened with everybody that they click on ads that they find attractive or they click the ad by mistake, this happens a lot and hence bloggers earn through this.

2.     Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is basically recommending a product or a service to your target audiences using special affiliate links or tracking links, these links contain a special discount that induces more sales through affiliate marketing and the blogger gets a referral commission after every sale that has happened through. For example you need to hire a web hosting service and it’s currently very expensive on the main website, so people looking for fair prices go to a Blogger’s website to purchase a pack that they get in discount and it’s beneficial for both the customer and the blogger.

To become an Affiliate Marketer, you must select a Niche that is well founded and popular, for example Mobile phones, reviewers review Smart Phones of different companies and put their affiliate links in the text for the customers to buy and the link is provided by the seller, hence the affiliate marketer acts as a middleman who gets a commission for a certain transaction. In order to become an affiliate marketer you can approach Amazon, commission junction, and a lot of other associations.

Once you begin affiliate Marketing through your blog, then you must install a plugin called Pretty links on your WordPress account. This plugin helps you to manage your affiliate links. Pretty links allows you to swiftly insert your links into your posts, helps you create Branded links, auto replace the keywords into Affiliate Links and also assess the performance of each link.

Affiliate Marketing has a lot of scope in the market and can help you get a lot of commission, but you have to work hard on your initial days, optimize your blog, post quality and legitimate content, do keyword research and follow the SEO guidelines of WordPress. Most importantly choose your Niche, a Niche provides you goodwill and credibility and also tells everybody that you have complete knowledge about the Niche and that helps you to get clients for affiliation and that will help you make money as a blogger.

3. Use WordPress ad management plugin:

There is a huge scope for displaying Ads on your website/blog . You can use Google Adsense, but the money you earn is very limited, instead you can Install a WordPress plugin called AdSanity. Adsanity is a great Plugin, it manages your ads, adsanity has the right license for you, all tiers have access to the core adsanity plugin and all the basic Add-ons and provides excellent support.

Google Adsense has a limited earning but Adsanity sells your Ad space, selling your ad space is a tedious process that registering to Google Adsense, but installing this plugin called Adsanity will help you to sell ad space and manage your ads on your blog and it also offers Augmenting Ad inventories and it discourages tracking and promotes contextual ads and harnessing the power of native and display ads simultaneously.  Adsanity also helps you to manage your Google Adsense as well as your own ads. Installing this plugin is highly recommended as ads generate a lot of income.

4. Create Sponsored Blog posts :

As a lot of Bloggers sell their ad space to Google or others ad makers, there is a chance that the ads may take up some of your space resulting in hindrance in the readability and the presentation of you Blog post and a lot of customers and regular readers are annoyed by the display ads and choose to use ad blockers resulting in negatively affecting your revenue potential.

Hence as an Alternative you can use Sponsored blog posts to monetize your blog, the working of sponsorship is just like Affiliation or Sports channels or TV shows, a company compensates you to simply promote their products, this happens in a lot of Vlogs on YouTube where a brand or a company pays a Vlogger to promote their product by featuring it in their videos or talk about it for promotional purposes.

To begin with, you have to have a well established ranking and a well founded social media personal brand in whatever Niche you choose, just remember to have accomplished a good status in that Niche and display all your stats professionally, only then will organizations will approach you and maybe then you can negotiate good deals for yourself and create great sponsored content.

No matter how interesting your sponsored content is, it is crucial to know about all the laws that come with cyber practices in a region as you are representing a brand and also putting in your personal brand as an influencer at stake, take all the details from the organization, be it legal or transactional, you must have complete knowledge about who you are dealing with.

Always keep in mind the Indian IT Act and the Indian Evidence act as there is a possibility of you being accused of writing or displaying plagiarized content.

5. Develop websites for and sell them :

If you are a Blogger and know how to develop and optimize a website on WordPress, then you can attract clients who are looking up to create websites of their own. Or you can make a website, optimize it and once it gets a good ranking and some return you  can sell it to a buyer for a fair amount of money.

As a blogger you will know which Plugins and applications to be used and how they work. This helps you to stay ahead of the game as a lot of entrepreneurs prefer to buy pre established websites.

There are websites like Ubid, Bonanza, Flippa etc that serve as Brokers and Auction sites for selling websites and the developer is compensated generously for selling a well established website.

6. Revenue from Writing Reviews:

A little different from Sponsored Blog, this income is just from the brand for writing the review. You must be thinking “what makes a review different from a Sponsored Blog?” The answer lies here, it’s just the word sponsorship, if you are Sponsored then you have to promote the product but in writing reviews you do not have to necessarily promote the product just an Honest review about the advantages and the disadvantages no matter if the reviews include criticism.

“But why do companies pay the reviewer if he/ she criticizes their product or service on a public level Influencer channel?” The answer is very simple. The Influencers who review a product or a service are experts and they have complete knowledge of the product that has been offered to the customer, the pros and cons of a service and the companies take advantage of that in form of honest feedback, companies request for feedback for the sake of Improving their product and impress the audience by new updates on the product. For example, Oneplus pays GeekyRanjit(a very famous blogger and youtuber) for honestly reviewing their mobile phones  and he gives honest feedback because he is an expert for technology and has also established himself as one, hence the company derives opportunities from honest reviews from experts.

7. Public Speaking as an Influencer:

As a Blogger you have gained expertise in your respective Niche and may have researched about a lot of things, as a result you are a goldmine of knowledge that you can share with people through becoming guest lecturers or through procuring public speaking gigs as an Influencer. As per a blogger for Digital Marketing you can conduct webinars, public speaking events, lectures, and workshops for people who seem interested in your area of expertise.

During the current Pandemic there was a drastic fall in live shows, hence that sector suffered but that problem was solved through conducting webinars online and giving experts a chance to talk about their expertise and spreading knowledge.

Here the more popular the influencer or the blogger is the more money he gets due to his personal brand value, for example Digital Pratik, Neil Patel, Guy Kawasaki etc. These are some must follow digital marketers/  influencers on the planet having millions of followers.

8. Restricted Members only:

Another way of generating income is to create content for premium members only, but make sure that your content is worth the wait. Here only those can see your content who pay you, in the case of instagram, famous accounts go private and you have to request them to follow, but in case of Blogs, you have to pay your way to get in, this results in generating a lot of revenue and enhancing your brand value.

But for making this happen you have to be a well established blogger initially and then create loyal subscribers for your blog and then get with it and create a premium value for your blog.

9. Sell Products Digitally on WordPress:

WordPress is a vast publishing platform, and in making your own product take a bit of time and after it os done you can sell it anywhere worldwide, you can create :

a. E-Books and sell them online, E-books can be an obvious choice for creating a digital product, these book are simpler to write with all the assistance in the world and easy to publish, you can turn your old blogs into chapters of your Ebook, just make sure that you have Legitimate content in you.

Once your book is over then simply design a cover using Illustrator, canva etc and then publish the book in PDF format, it is an effective and efficient way of delivering value online in the form of digital products.

b. Host a Paid webinar: Webinars are a really common way of acquiring knowledge and skill nowadays owing to the current pandemic and Due to your well established blog and years of experience and knowledge, you can approach universities or they can approach you for conducting a paid webinar. Webinars build an audience in every aspect in terms of followers on social media, and subscribers of any free course that you are providing or an Ebook that you have written or any digital product including your Blog.

 WordPress makes it really easy to host a paid webinar, but nowadays mostly we use the Zoom app but WordPress helps you to Advertise your webinar at a global scale and helps to increase the numbers of registered participants.

c.  Freelancing: You can make money through freelancing , the working of a freelancer is relatively relaxed as it is not an office job, here you can develop websites for clients and sell your digital products as per project basis, freelancing is an exceptional way to earn money for bloggers.

There are numerous freelancing websites that they can find work on, some of those websites are, Also there are numerous WordPress plugins that notify you for any freelancing work like Freshbooks Plugin.

d. Commence your consulting business: Consultancy is a big industry, so why can we not be a small part of it? As a blogger we have experience and expertise in our specific niches and hence we are fully capable of giving consultations and counseling to ones in need and pay us money in exchange.  

Also you can offer your consultancy services in this is a sort of freelancing with no startup investment, you can provide consultancy services on your existing blog just create a different page that can be more user friendly in order to exchange the information.

WPForms is a plugin that can be used to create a more professional and a mobile friendly webpage .

e. Make WordPress plugins: Plugins are like apps that help you optimize and personalize your website by allowing you to extend and modify features in you wordpress account and website due to their flexible features.

In order to become a plugin developer you have to be a great coder as your plugins will be available on WordPress which hosts worlds 30% of the websites, and if you are distributing your plugins to WordPress, then they better be good. You have to have coding skills from beginner to advanced only then can you create plugins and avail them to the world.

In order to distribute your plugins there are many ways in which you may distribute the plugins that you create. You can submit a free plugin to the plugin directory and your plugin must fulfill all of their standards as stated in the guidelines in WordPress, this will help you to gain experience as a developer. 

After gaining good experience you can start selling premium plugins on your own site on WordPress or there are a lot of websites like MOJO marketplace etc, but if you are selling plugins on your own WP page then you must ensure that the plugins fulfill the needs of your target audience, if not then check with the website and anyway if the plugin is not if their use then you can sell the premium plug in other brokerage websites.

f. Create your Merchandise and sell online using WordPress: Once you start growing with your blog, you need to make it a Brand, in doing that more effectively you can produce your own merchandise and sell it online and make sure that the merchandise is good looking and bold.

Also you can open an Online T-shirt store using WordPress and sell t-shirts and other clothing products and sccessories online, you can alos give the option to design the T-shirt or design the sccesoty to the customer this way your website will be more interactive and will induce more traffic, leading to a good generation of revenue and creativity. It can be a really easy way because there are companies or services that allow you to upload you designs and they deliver it for you and on the hardwork and creativity of you and your viewers/ customers you can get a profit share.

With the help of WP-spread plugin you can create your own clothing shop, This plugin uses Spreadshirt API to display your merchandise resulting in great SEO results. Each commodity has its own URL and uses Google Structure data testing tool, this plugin also handles the payment processes.

g. Start Coaching aspiring bloggers: Once you become a well establidhed blogger with perfect knowledge of how to be successful in this field and know a lot of technical things regarding ranking, change of Google algorithms, etc, you can become a coach and train students for their own journey as a blogger. As it is said “ the best way to learn is to teach ”, once you begin teaching something, you grow too.

If you explain something that you have complete knowledge about, then you students learn and you master it , hence in order to master this business of a running a blog, you can master it and optimize you personal brand and generate Income from Coaching simultaneously. A lot of Blogger have come up with their online courses of becoming a blogger and are generating great income through coaching.

For an Altruistic person they can coach students for free in exchange for their dedication to becoming successful and make them earn money. For example, Mr. Aviral Srivastav, the founder of TeamAviral and the owner of is offering Free coaching for aspiring bloggers in exchange of the hardwork and dedication of his trainees, people this these have found meaning in life and have begun their journey to bring change to the world.

These were some of the most prominent ways in which Bloggers can generate a promising income. It also states the life of a blogger that it is not a cakewalk to be a blogger, it requires hard work, focus and a lot of patience for the results to come and expand your reach gradually. 

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