How to get google adsense approval

Getting Google Adsense approval isn’t as tough because it seems. you only got to follow some guidelines and tips to monetize your blog. in the digital world, we are saying – Content is king. And that’s what you would like to follow for your blog.

You need to place quality content on your blog. you would like to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is once you copy other’s content and use it for yourself. Most people just copy content from other websites and blogs and are placed on their blogs. this is often one of the main reasons for the rejection of their Google Adsense application. Your content should be unique. There are tons of tools available online to see plagiarism for your content. attempt to keep your content a minimum of 80% unique.

 The topics on which you’re putting content are often like others, but the content you’re writing should be unique. the subsequent thing you would like to notice down is consistency. alongside the standard of content, consistency also plays a crucial for Adsense approval. people put 3 or 4 posts on an equivalent day then post nothing for a month. you’ll also follow a schedule for your posts. I might suggest you set a minimum of 1 post hebdomadally. In this manner, you’ll maintain consistency for your blog. aside from that, you would like to supply your blog before applying for Adsense. you ought to put consistent content thereon.

 the subsequent factor is that the number of tourists. If you think that that you simply need thousands of views or visitors to urge Adsense approval to be happy because it’s just a myth. fewer numb of views can do the work for you. But write one thing.

The next thing is that the blog pages. There are some necessary pages you ought to placed on your blog. the primary one is that the About Us page. On the About Us page, you would like to inform you about who are you and what your blog is about, or what sort of content you’ll post. the subsequent one is that the Contact Us page. On this, you would like to place details about how your visitors and users can contact you. Here you’ll just put a contact form and an email id. aside from these two pages, you furthermore may get to put a Privacy Policy page. On this page, you would like to inform your visitors if you’re collecting their data or not. And if you’re doing what sort of data you’re collecting. you’ll easily get the format of the Privacy Policy page online then amend it consistent with your requirements and put it on your blog.

The next factor which becomes a serious issue in Google Adsense approval is Keyword Stuffing. What people do is, to cheat Google’s algorithm, and to urge more views through SEO, they only stuff keywords in their blog. Google is far smarter than we expect. black hat techniques will eventually hurt your website and blog. And sometimes, people even find yourself getting their website or blog banned or penalized. Then comes the content which you ought to not post. you ought to never put any quiet content which supports social enemies like terrorism, child labor, etc. Another important factor is the user experience. This factor not only matters in blogs, but it plays a crucial role in all kinds of business. Make your blog and website user friendly.

just follow these simple tips.

 Your text shouldn’t be too small.

 you would like to place pictures but avoid putting too many images.

Also, confirm that the readability of your blog is sweet.

By reading I mean if you putting a light-weight background, then your text should be dark.

 Or if you’re putting a dark background, thenar the text should be light.

 Let’s say if the background color is yellow and therefore the text color is orange it might be difficult for the readers to travel through the blog. an equivalent goes for dark colors like brown and black. Also, the blog must be responsive, i.e., it should be mobile compatible.

These are the ideas I follow and that I would recommend you to try to an equivalent. Just follow these simple tips and you’re ready.

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