How to get traffic on a new blog

Are you new to blogging? and want to increase traffic in it? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn tips and tricks to increase traffic in a new blog. Only the search engine is not enough to get traffic on a new blog. Well, a search engine is a platform rather than a source of traffic.

Firstly, let’s know what traffic is in terms of blog. Traffic means the number of viewers or visits you get on your blog post or your website. A lot of visitors means good traffic. We not only want traffic on our blog, but we also want quality traffic. We want visitors who will always visit our blog and subscribe to it. So our main goal should be generating quality traffic.

Apart from search engines, there are many other ways to bring traffic to new, old, or any type of blog. There are paid and unpaid methods to bring traffic to your blog. But all new bloggers cannot afford the paid methods to increase traffic. So, let’s have a look at the free methods available for us to get the maximum traffic on our brand new blog.


Make your online presence on social media platforms. Social media is the best way to bring traffic to your blog. Why? 80% of the educated population is on social media. Don’t waste time on social media platforms for just chilling. Use social media platforms effectively and bring the best out of it. So what are the possible social media platforms to get traffic on your new blog: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

But it is not easy to get results instantly as there are many competitors already present there promoting themself. Like search engines, social media platforms also work on algorithms and once you learn them then it will be a piece of cake to get tons of traffic on your blog. 

Pro tip: Do research on hashtags (#) before posting contents on social

media platforms.


There are many social media platforms present but among all Facebook is one of the most used social  media platforms. More than 2 billion monthly active users Facebook comes on top of all social media platforms.

So how to get traffic from Facebook? Let’s have a look:


  • Create a Facebook page 
  • related to your niche. Create a professional and decent profile, but make it look natural. Don’t overdo things otherwise, your visitors will think it is a scam or a fake account. ·        
  • Post engaging content regularly, keep engagement with your audience by commenting on their posts and replying to their comments on your posts.·        
  • Post an overview of your blog and give a link to your blog for reading more content. Make it interesting and engaging so that they click on your given link in one view.·        
  • Not only post text but also post good quality images and short videos to give them value.·        
  • Do keyword and hashtag research before posting your content on Facebook so that your post is visible to a large number of audience. ·        
  • Create your group on FaceBook and add likeminded people to it, to get quality traffic.
  • Share your views and experience with them. Give them tips and tricks to grow in some particular field.
  • If you have a good budget then promote yourself. After getting a good audience on your page. Play your Mastercard and make your Facebook audience your page visitors.


LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to get traffic for your website. You can easily generate B2B traffic from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not a platform where people share memes and do stuff like that. It is completely different from other platforms. Most of the professionals like CEO, Manages, Digital Maketes, etc are registered on LinkedIn. Create your LinkedIn account today and give a kick start to your new blog today.

Not only it will help you to generate huge traffic for your blog, but it will help you to get some good projects of blogging if people will like your work. Isn’t it great? You can even learn courses from LinkedIn.

You can post videos, images, articles on LinkedIn, or simply share your views or experience on some topics and create engagement with the audience using the most searched keywords. Create a huge audience base and start promoting your blog and get maximum traffic from it. Also, join LinkedIn groups and get traffic from there too.


YouTube is a platform where you can upload videos for the content related to your niche and give a link to your blog in the description box. You can also do collaborations with other YouTubers and ask them to promote your blog. The traffic generated through YouTube will be quality traffic searching for something related to your niche and will subscribe to your website.

Again, use targeted keywords to rank good on youtube and get more views.


Twitter is a very good social media platform which allows you to engage with people. It has a 500 million monthly active user base. You can get loads of traffic with the help of Twitter. What you have to do is simply engage with like-minded peoples. Do comments on their post, tell them what value you can provide to your audience and promote your blog.

You can do a short post on Twitter, something related to your niche, and give a link to your blog in the post. But remember, Twitter allows only 1000 ‘characters’ in a single post, so write accordingly. Use trending and most searched hashtags related to your niche to get more viewers on your tweet.


Instagram is counted as one of the most used social media networks nowadays with more than a million active users every day. Instagram provides you many good features that can increase traffic on your new blog. Instagram is a platform with a 90% genuine audience.

Some of its features that can help to increase traffic on your blog are:

  • Business account: You can make a business account on Instagram. A business account is helpful as you can easily get the overall insight of your posts or account.·        
  • Instagram stories: You should add some engaging short content in your stories and give links to your blog.·        
  • Bio: Bio is the section in everyone’s profile with a cool feature of adding a website’s link. You can add URL to your blog in the bio section.·        
  • IGTV: It is a feature of Instagram where you can address yourself as well as your website to make your audience aware of it.·        
  • Instagram reels: These are the short 30 seconds videos that you can add to the news feed.·        
  • Highlights: Highlight is a feature of Instagram where you can save your story on your profile. So that every new/old visitor can check your highlights. ·        
  • Influencers: There are many influencers on Instagram. Search for an influencer related to your niche with a huge follower base and you can ask them to promote your blog. Ask them for collaboration.
  • Make a good relationship with the like-minded peoples and ask them for collaboration and promote your blog through it.


Most people use Quora for finding solutions or answers from the rest of the world. Millions of people are using Quora every week. In quora, people post some questions related to your favorite topics and you have to answer them if you want. And your answer will get views, upvotes (likes), and shares. 

So, why not use such a busy platform for getting traffic on your new blog? You can answer the questions related to the niche of your blog in a few words and you can add something like, for more information visit this site (give your link here) it will generate direct traffic on your blog.

Pro tip: Add images while writing the answers to get more views on your answer. It will increase the chance of more clicks on your website.


Have you heard about Reddit? It is also a social media platform but not everyone is aware of it. Reddit is quite different from other platforms. It does not welcome marketers who are there to promote themself. You will be kicked out of the community immediately if you do. That is why Reddit has a genuine and quality user base.

You have to play your cards smartly to get traffic from Reddit. You can generate huge traffic from Reddit but you have to find a smart way to promote your blog.


It is the most important step for a blog. You cannot only depend on the social media platforms for traffic. Yes, it can bring you huge traffic but what about SEO? If you are a blogger then you must be aware of SEO a little bit. So start with low competition keywords. Search the keywords on which fewer bloggers had posted blogs. Now how to do keyword research? Many tools will help you to do the keyword research, they are:


  • SEMrush: SEMrush is considered the most used and trusted keyword searching tool. over more than 60 million marketers trust this brand. It is a paid tool.


  • Google keyword planner: It is an appropriate free tool to find keywords.


  • Moz keyword explorer: It is a paid tool to find a profitable keyword. However, it offers a free trial of 30 days.


  • Soovle: It is a free tool that will help you to select keywords for any search engines like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, eBay, etc.


  • Ahrefs keyword explorer: It is a paid tool and one of my most favorite tools to search for keywords.


  • Jaaxy: This tool is made for affiliate marketers. It helps you to choose an ideal tool for your affiliate blogs.


  • SECockpit: It is a paid tool. More than 6 million searches for keywords are done on SECockpit per month. 


  • It is a free tool to search for good keywords for platforms like Google, PlayStore, Bing, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Keyword snatcher: It is a good tool for finding an ideal long-tail keyword.


  • Keywords everywhere: It is a good tool that will help you to find long-tail keywords. It is a chrome extension.


  • Google trends: It is a tool published by Google itself to find keywords.
  • KWfinder: It is a good tool used for both short and long-tail keyword finders.


If you are not aware of the term “backlink” let me explain it to you. A backlink is creating a link to your blog on someone else’s site (good ranking sites) to bring traffic to your blog. Creating backlinks is one of the ticks to increase SEO visibility of your blog. In the earlier update of Google, a website with more backlinks was ranked higher. But now Google is updated and the algorithms are changed. Adding too many backlinks is considered spamming and the ranking of the blog is degraded.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of creating backlinks:


  • Increase SEO visibility: Creating backlinks is a good way to increase the SEO visibility of your blog. Most of the blogger’s exchange backlinks with each other. Seach bloggers related to your niche and exchange backlinks.


  • Will bring traffic to your blog: It is a trusted and effective method to bring traffic to one’s blog. It is an organic method to increase traffic. Only the content should be engaging.


  • Building relationships: It will build a good relationship with you from other bloggers. Also, it will create a bond of trust between you and your audience.


  • Build your brand: People will be more aware of your brand or say your blog.


Readable content is not content with advanced English and using technical words. Good content should be sorted and simple. Remember one thing your viewers are the one who is visiting your blog to gather some information and writing information with technical words doesn’t make any sense.

You just write simple and understandable English in your blog. No need to add technical words or jargon to look more professional, by doing this you will only confuse your readers and end up losing subscribers.

Make your content engaging. How to do it? By asking questions, giving your opinions, and a lot in many other ways. How to know if your content is engaging or not? If you are getting comments, people are giving their views, sharing their experience with you than your content is engaging.

Give them feedback! Reply to their comments, this is the best way for engagements on your

Blog. Give a personal touch to your blog, write like you are narrating your story or

experience to your audience.

Don’t make the content too boring. Add some humor or some funny content in your blog

if you want. Write your blog in short paragraphs.

Never forget to add graphic content like images and videos in your blog post. It will

give a new look to your blog.


Writing guest posts for other bloggers can be very beneficial to you. It will help you to generate backlinks for your blog and will increase your SEO.

Now the question arises from whom you should write the guest posts? Bloggers having less traffic like monthly 100 visitors cannot help you much to generate traffic for your blog. So search for high ranking blogs that are related to your niche. And make the deal done with them.

Make the content good and engaging so that viewers want to know more about the given link of your website. In return, you can also add a backlink for their website in your blog.


  • It will build a relationship of trust among your audience. People will trust you and your brand more.
  • You can easily generate backlinks for your blog.
  • You will get quality traffic too in an organic method, isn’t it great? 
  • It will build your reputation.
  • Helps in building a strong portfolio.
  • Increase your subscriber list.


Always remember, always content is not the king. Sometimes only writing good content is not enough to get good rank and quality traffic. You have to use some other techniques to make it more engaging and attractive.

How to make content more attractive? By applying make-up on it? Well no! It’s a bad idea. Anyways I have listed some ways to make your content more attractive:


  • Add table: You can add a table of important information in your blog. You can show some facts and figures through the tables. Use good colors and borders to make it look more attractive.


  • Write in bullets: Many people feel it is boring to read a complete blog so writing in bullets is a good idea and it will make your blog look more informative. You can write the main points in bullets and simply highlight or bold them so that your visitors easily read the main contents.


  • Add graphic: Adding high-quality images in your blog will make it look 10 times more attractive. You can even add some points in images to make it more informative. If you want to create good images for your blog then I highly recommend Canva and PicsAt. Both are free tools, their premium version is also available with more features than the basic version. You can download it easily from the PlayStore and start your creativity today.


  • Add video: Adding a video on your blog is a good idea. You can explain some processes through videos. You can even upload the video on YouTube and give the link of your website in the description box that will bring traffic to your blog from YouTube.


  • Choose evergreen topics: What are the evergreen topics? The topics that people will search for are always called evergreen topics. For example; today you are writing about an event that occurred recently like a topic which was trending a few days back, ‘black lives matter’. After a few years, people will search for the same keywords? The answer is no! So choose topics wisely. An example of an evergreen topic is; best earphones under 2000 bucks. Yes, people will search for this particular keyword after years and years.


  • Give value to your audience: But how to do that? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Why should your audience follow you and refer your blog to your friends as well? Because you are giving them some value unlike other bloggers. Now, what kind of value can you provide to your subscriber? 
  • Proving a free eBook
  • You can give them discounts on your product
  • Provide a few free courses
  • Make your blog look decent: Don’t overdo the things. Your blog should look decent. Add only the relevant things properly. You cannot add images, videos, and tables in a single blog every time. Make your content informative as well as attractive.

Think! As a viewer what you want from a blog? Then add all the features decently to your blog because your blog is representing your creativity and ideas.


Never get depressed because your blog is not getting good views. Everything is hard at first. When I was new to blogging even I was also not getting good views but things are changed now. We all are learners, learning new tips and tricks every day. So use your brain and rock with your blog like a pro.

Success in blogging cannot achieved in a single day. Some tricks will take time, maybe more than a year but you will achieve success someday. Just never lose hope and keep practicing.

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