Plagiarism checker tools

If You are a blogger and content writer who want to write content or giving relevant information in form of blog and giving specific content related to any topic on the website. 

Every blogger and who want to share some information in form of a website has a real intention to target some specific targeted audience or people. 

People read The article of a blog or search something on the web related to their interest. 

If people who copy other blog contain who provide the same content in their blog. This type of plagiarised content does not like by someone who is searching for their queries. 

Why people search so many articles for the same queries.

 Because people want them to understand more clearly. Different types of information sources help them to complete their task in a more efficient manner 

That’s why people search for online plagiarism checker tools. You will never see any unique content in plagiarised content.

To prepare unique content and authentic content it takes much time. This is the effort of a blogger and a content writer to rank their content on Google. 

This is the main reason why Google Gives more priority to some of blog or website to rank on the first page

If you are a blogger and a content writer google never algorithm allows ranking this blog or content.

simply the crawler bots of google give a bad ranking or reject to index in top 2 pages for plagiarised content.

Now you might be thinking how to check any plagiarised content online. Yes, you can check any plagiarised content by many plagiarism checker tools which available in a free version and paid version.

There are many free tools and paid tool which is available on the internet through which you can check your content. Moreover, your content may be English and Hindi language You can check your content in both the version of Tool.

So, now I will tell you more about plagiarism tool. stay with us till the end you will get a lot of information about Plagiarism checker tool.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is to steal someone else idea or copy their content without their knowledge or consent and use for their use without giving credit to the author or the owner of the blogger. 

For example, If you are writing content for your blog on some topic and for references you might be searching on the internet for your topic. you are referring so many articles and you are not giving credit to that blog or you are not mentioning your references sources in your blog then its called plagiarism.

If you are doing like this then you have done plagiarism in that point of time.

I have seen many of bloggers who are doing like this kind of thing if you are serious to become a full-time blogger or a content writer then you should stop doing this kind of kinds of stuff. You can create your idea for your content. 

Every people have their thinking ability. If you do not know about the topic then you can search for references in another article but doing plagiarism is a mistake. 

Most importantly if you are referring some another article and writing in your ideas is also a type of plagiarism. Simply create your ideas frame the sentences in your ideas and write it down.

Types of Plagiarism

There are various kinds of copyright content or plagiarism, yet here are many that are normal.

1-Direct Plagiarism: This is copyright content in its original shape. You are simply replicating a post or an article word by word and consider it yours. On the off chance that this is your technique. Please stop doing this thing. This is not the right way to write content. Change this habit because your article never going to approve by google or anywhere.

2-Mosaic Plagiarism: This happens after you copy phrases from a source, but don’t put it in quotation marks

3-Self Plagiarism: It occurs once you publish your work multiple times. this might be a controversy if you do not optimize your other posts right so Google doesn’t penalize you.

4-Accidental Plagiarism: It occurs after you accidentally write a phrase or a sentence and someone has already written it the identical way. This happens for the most effective folks, and this is often what we are visiting try and solve during this post.

What is a plagiarism checker tool? 

A  plagiarism tool is a software which is available online to check any document whether it is a duplicate or plagiarised. 

This tool algorithm is made like this so that it can check all over the internet to match the content phrases and quotes. Some paid plagiarism tool is so unique that it can match word to word and tell you if it is plagiarised or not. using the help of this tool you can check that your words have been used somewhere earlier or not.

Why is the plagiarism checker tool used?

plagiarism checker tool is used to check the plagiarized content. It uses to check the originality of the article.

In any field of composing or writing something, checking the uniqueness of a composed or published piece is a significant movement.

If you are a blogger, advertiser, educator, understudy, teacher or in any exploration field, having a plagiarism checker tool is essential.

This thing is only done by software; it is impossible to do manually. To ease this type of work plagiarism checker tool Is used. By this way, we get the original article.

Especially when you are working with blogs, it’s important to ensure the submitted content is not duplicate to avoid any SEO mistakes.

Here I have created a list of the best plagiarism checkers which makes it easier for you to check if the content is plagiarised or original.  Depending on your utilization, you can utilize the free Plagiarism Checker Tool or you can utilize a paid one if your use is customary.

Plagiarism, defined for content marketing, is copying another one’s content/image.

How Search Engines takes action against plagiarism

Google never gives good ranking to plagiarised content or its simple words Google despises plagiarism. The most common thing they need is to show their searchers content that is like one another, which gives awful client experience, and this will diminish the profit of Google. 

So what do they do? Once they notice that any of your articles have portions of it replicated from other sources, they punish your blog and make it disgraceful of their trust, so your hard-acquired rankings for different posts are influenced also.

Also, it occurs in a second. 

From that point onward, you have to begin diagnosing the issue to discover why that occurred, settle it, and afterwards begin attempting to get them to rank you back. That would take months on the off chance that they do get you back. 

At times, they won’t remove you from it, so you are punished forever. 

The arrangement could be less difficult. Simply do a speedy check for literary theft before you publish the article and you are a great idea to go.

So which apparatus to use to assist you with checking for literary theft prior to distributing your post without taking a lot of work from you? 

The exact opposite thing you need is a device that will burn through your time and not assist you with finding if your post is copied or not.

Best Tools to Check For Plagiarism

To assist you with taking care of this issue and not stress over copyright Content, This article was made to impart to you the top tools that check So you don’t need to worry if any of your phrases,words,lines accidentally contain similar phrases to others, or if any of your writers are copying content from other blogs without you knowing.

Obviously, you won’t have the foggiest idea about all the substance on different online journals expounding on similar articles, and you don’t have to check them all every time your author send you another article.

Here are the top online plagiarism checkers…

1. Quetext

Quetext offers a free plagiarism checker as well as a paid option for checking more words. They scan websites, academic papers and books to find for duplicates. They also have policies through which it helps you to give credit to the source in case if your author did not add it.

Their premium features plans start with $9.99/month which offer unlimited plagiarism searches. The free plan is limited to 3 search and 500 words per search. In the pro plan, you can search up to 25,000 words in a single search. You can upload files (PDF, Microsoft Word, and plain-text file types) to check for duplicate content.

2. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

This is the best online Plagiarism checker tool which you can use.  Grammarly is a notable tool among authors and who need to rapidly check if the article is unique or duplicated from different spots

If you’re a blogger and wish to test if the content of the blog is original or copied from multiple sources online, this tool is ideal for you. See within the above image, how easy it’s to use the plagiarism feature of Grammarly. This can be a multi-feature tool for webmasters to test the originality of the content, check Grammar, Check the spelling of the article. I’ve been using it for a long time, and highly recommend it to you.

3. Unicheck

If you’re trying to find a best-paid tool then Unicheck may be the proper tool for you. The interface is simple and it checks the pages fast.

This is an ideal tool for corporates and professors and bloggers who don’t mind paying a bit amount for higher accuracy.

4. Plagium

This is my favourite site or I can say many folks are also using this to quickly find if the content is original or duplicate. you’ll paste the content on the homepage and click on Quick search, and within seconds you may have the results with you.

5. Copyscape

Copyscape is one of the oldest and popular plagiarism checker sites. Here you’ll be able to find duplicate content by adding the URL. It’s fast and cheap. In my opinion, Copyscape is that much great anymore because the interface is sort of old and that they haven’t even moved to HTTPS which shows that the people behind Copyscape don’t seem to be so serious about the tool for its up-gradation.

However, for anyone looking to use a free plagiarism checker tool, Copyscape does the task well.

6. Google

You can use google as a plagiarism checker tool. many of us might don’t know this but you’ll use google programme to test plagiarism

In this, you’ll be able to check some parts of the article for duplicacy. some lines from a piece or post or paste within the search box many things will occur before you. during this google will show you copied articles. In this, you can’t know the way many percent of lines copied buy yes this is often somewhat helpful also.


Plag scan is the popular tool to find the uniqueness of the article . They check your content by comparing other articles available on the web .

They are providing many different plans starting from education plan for students to big business plan so you do not need to worry about availability .

you can choose as per your requirement.You can take a look at their private plan which may be more interesting for you. This a paid tool but you can get a free trial version their payment mode is prepaid where you pay according to number of words you want to edit. 

you can scan as many documents but their billing system is how many words you have to scan 

Their plan starting from  5.99$ where you can check around 6500 words and moving away from starting to business plan for 12.99$ you can check 25k words and their pro plan comes for 24.99$ where you check up to 62.5k words.

If  you work regularly for big business then you have to look to their business plan where you can check 150k words for  49.99$

As you can feel, the more you pay for a larger plan, the cheaper it comes per word. In their beginning plan, you were paying 1$/1000 words.

In the business package, you are paying 0.33$/1000 words. So you can plan in your mind if you planning to buy this tool.

8- ProWritingAid

Pro Writing aid is a tool that is created to help bloggers and content writer and make their content look like a professional writer has written them. It is a great option for newbies who want to come to the field of content writing and blogging.

It helps you with editing the content and grammar mistakes and helps you find the right words to use in the context. 

It also helps in plagiarism. But yes, you have just noticed that this is a tool similar to Grammarly. Yes, this is the alternative of Grammarly But they did not provide any free version of this you have to spent some amount in order to use this tool 

ProWritingAid provides two packages to their customer. If you need help in editing the content and grammar mistakes and helps you find the right words to use in the context and plagiarism tool you have to purchase the premium version of this tool otherwise, you have the option to buy plagiarism check packages.

You only get 50 times plagiarism checks a year in any of their premium packages, where you pay for a year or more in advance. There is also a lifetime option

You could buy plagiarism check packages depending on the number of plagiarism checks you want to do. For 10 checks, you have to pay 10$. For 100, you have to pay  40$. For 500, you have to pay 120$. For 1000, you have to pay 200$.

9- DupliChecker

DupliChecker is a completely free tool for those who do not have money to invest in plagiarism tools. The Internet has got this work done free of cost. There is a website called where you simply paste your content with that box and find the plagiarism percent.

They provide the option to upload your file and you can check for plagiarism in your content. You can check for any grammatical error in your content like Grammarly 

The only disadvantage of this tool that you can check for only 1000 words. But one suggestion writes near about 1000 words and do check your content. By repeating this step you can check your content free of cost. 

If you don’t have a budget you can definitely check this tool it will definitely save you hard-earned money.

10. Plagium

Plagium is a tool that helps you check the originality/uniqueness of your content. You could do a quick search for 1000 words. If you are using this to check content regularly, you will need to pay to use the tool.

There is also an option called deep search which you could use for an extra layer of digging deep to find if there is any problem with your content.

The quick search of the content costs you 0.04$ per page. The deep search costs you 0.08$ per page. If you do a file search, it costs you around  0.005$/page.

You can also buy credits in advance and credits valid for one year. And the more you pay, the more bonus you get, so you can use as per your convenient

There are also monthly plans if you want to use it regularly. The bonus is higher here. 

12- Plagiarism Check

This is one of the oldest and most popular tools available in the market. almost 77k users used this tool.

There is no free option available in this tool. The tool only provides to check one-page content which is free of cost other than this all are paid 

They have paid packages available on their usability. There package for big business and organization and they have packages for content writer as well as blogger 

The starting package is starting from $5.99 for 20 pages check

The standard one cost you around $9.99 to check 50 pages 

The premium package costs you around $25.49 to check 150 packages.

You can choose as per your own usability.

13. WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke is another popular editing tool available in the market, that is used by many pro bloggers and content writers. they changed their old layout to a new layout for which many were attracted towards it.

 Any content editing tool, it can’t be complete without a plagiarism checker tool, so there is one that you get to use. There are no free options or features available in this tool.

And you need to pay for a yearly subscription or for a 3-years package if you want to save your money.

And then you get access to the plagiarism checker package in their different plans, so see your usability from here, and then use it to edit your post, and check for plagiarism as well.


Copyleaks is an acclaimed tool that helps you identify plagiarism and reworded content utilizing their simulated intelligence innovation. It very well may be utilized by business and instructive foundations like colleges and schools.

They likewise made the tool for publishers to assist them with distributing unique content. They can direct a profound correlation with more than 60 trillion pages on the web including private chronicles and secured sites.


Plagramme is another free tool that offers an awesome free plan for people to check their content against plagiarism.

The free form can check records with boundless words. It gives you a point by point word reports that you could download and see anyplace you need. You can likewise download it on windows, macintosh, Linux, and Ubuntu. What’s more, you could do a search in 18 languages, so don’t worry, on the off chance that you don’t write in English. 

Their free tool is useful for most bloggers. The expert is far better, and their estimate is paid more only as costs rise higher. 

Final word to say about plagiarism checker tools 

This is the best tool to check for plagiarism content, word, quotes, phrases. It’s up to you to find your tool as per your convenience and you can use them. Every tool has its unique features and alongside they have their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why I have listed so many tools so that you can choose as per your convenience.

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