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How can you rule in the blogging industry as a pro blogger?

Want to dominate on all the expert bloggers

through your informational, helping intuitive content but your blog is not giving you expected results or you are not able to get quality traffic and users attention. have you ever tried to find out the root cause of why your website is lacking the high-quality traffic and google ranking.  

I have found the major root cause that is a lack of highly recommended blogging tools. If you want to become a king of the blogging industry then you must need to do something out of the box. You have to use some important recommended blogging tools that will definitely help you to rule in the blogging industry..

Here in this blog, you will get to know how you can become a pro blogger and a well-organized content creator by using some of the best-recommended tools for bloggers. 

There are so many blogging tools available in the market and almost every blogger is using them whether they are new in blogging or well familiar with blogging. But here you are about to know the most productive, easy to use, and proven blogging tools by experts.

Here are 29 of the best recommended blogging tools.  

Let me categorize all blogging tools according to their uses and features. 

Best tools to produce user friendly and optimized content.

 Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Tool

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most recommended tools for bloggers. Here Yoast SEO plugin will help you to optimize your content according to the visitors. Here you can get an absolute user intent keyword for your articles and. While writing your content it will also help you to resolve all the mistakes and fulfill the engaging requirement at the same time. 

These blogging tools allow you to see the preview of content and will help you to get quality engagement and authority among the readers and the google. One of the most and important benefits of this tool is it will keep you updated on important pages of your website.

 SEMRush Content Optimization Tool 

If you really want to become a pro blogger and want to build breakthrough authority in google ranking then SEMRush content optimization tool allows you to analyze your competitor before writing your content and do proper keyword research on behalf of google terms and user intention. 

If once you will get to know the what is the intention of readers and how to perform targeted keyword research with SEMrush tool then your content can dominate your competitor and no one can compete with you.

 So use this blogging tool and do proper analysis of your competitor and optimize your content like a professional blogger.

 Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google keyword planner tool also allows you to get highly searchable and user intent keywords. Here you can find multiple targeted keywords that will help you to create a search campaign also.with the help of this tool you can create a campaign for your business according to your marketing budget.

 In google keyword planner tool you can check the price of your ad. 

 Google Trends Tool

Google trends tool is one of the most highly productive tools for every blogger. It helps you to check the search volume of your topics and you can easily identify the trending topic of your content. Most pro bloggers are ranking their content with the help of google trends tool. So if you are not able to find a searchable topic use this tool. 

Keyword Tool Dominator Tool

Keyword tool dominator tool is one of the best tools for searching highly searchable and targeted long tail keywords for your content. It’s a very unique and user-friendly tool anyone can use and they can generate quality content with the help of keyword tool dominator.   

Best Tools To Generate Breakthrough Blogging Ideas

 Answer The Public Tool

Answering the public is one of the most recommendable tools for every blogger. As you can also get ideas about this tool by its name, answer the public. We can say Answer the public means what people are asking about. 

Here you can identify your user requirement, what kind of problems they have related to your niche. And then you can generate the content and help them through your content. In this tool you will type any keyword then it will show you multiple keywords in questions format. When I used this tool for the first time I was literally amazed how unique and user friendly it is

. It allows you to get searchable blogging ideas and all questions are in well organized format. You can download multiple blogging ideas as well. Its strongly recommendable blogging tools by experts. I am damn sure once you will check it out you will like it. As a blogger, never ignore these tools.

 Quora Tool

Whenever people face any problem then they always used to search their queries on quora. In quora anyone can ask queries and any one can share the solutions according to their expertise. It’s a completely open source blogging tool. Almost every pro blogger are using this tool delicately. 

With the help of this tool you can get breakthrough blogging ideas and most important thing is that you can build your authority through your content and get unlimited quality traffic for your website. If till now you are not using these tools then you’re making the biggest mistake as a blogger.

So start using this and spread your knowledge and build strong credibility for your website.

 Blog Topics Generator Tool

A blog topic generator is one of the best tools for generating searchable topics for your blog. It’s highly recommended by the pro blogger. Here you will type three targeted keywords and it will allow you to get access to five topics of your blog. So as a blogger do not miss these important blog topics generator tools.

 Twitter Trending Topics Tool

As you know that almost every trend comes from Twitter. We can also see every content starts from Twitter then becomes viral content whether it is video content or and written content. So with the help of this tool, you can get hot trending topics and create viral content that will help you to become a smart and expert blogger. Very few people know about this tool. There is a very strong possibility your content can be viral with the help of the Twitter trending topics tool.

 BuzzSumo Tool

BuzzSumo is an important tool for bloggers because it has a huge amount of information related to your content and it also allows you to share all the content on social media as well. This tool can be a game-changing tool. 

So as a blogger you must have this tool. In the buzz sumo tool, you will enter your URL or blog topic then you will get a bundle of results that can help you to generate searchable blogging ideas and easily identify which topic can boost your content.

Best Tools To Create Engaging And Observable Blog

Do you know why you need to design attention-grabbing graphics in blogging? I am quite sure you are considering what is the use of images in blogging.

Let me clear your biggest myth in blogging images is like an invitation card once the user will see images in your blog then he will definitely attend the whole reading party and he will also enjoy it. In another word you can say attractive graphics is like a weapon to get the attention of’s more 

Canva Tool

Are you a professional graphic designer? And worrying about how to design attractive designs for your blog then do not worry canvas tool is for those who do not know graphics design it’s very very simple to operate and it has multiple categories of defaults engaging templates only you have to edit them with your content.

Infogram Tool 

Do you know how to create an attention-grabbing infographic without spending much time? If your answer is no then here is the most popular infographic designing tool where you can edit its default clickable and attractive templates.   

Gimp Tool

Do you have Photoshop Software for attractive graphics design? If you do not use photoshop then no need to worry. Here Gimp is one of the most popular and recommendable tools and it’s all advanced features will help you to dominate the photoshop software.  

Skitch Tool

As we know that while writing a blog it’s very important to attach a visual screenshot so that readers can easily understand the concept of your content. So how are you taking your screenshot? Here Skitch tool is a very user-friendly tool that will take a screenshot and allow you to connect with your Evernote where you can store all screenshots.

Google Drawings Tool

Still using Microsoft Paint drawings and getting bored so use some unique and interesting tool for professional visual content. In the google drawings tool, you can customize your content according to your requirement. So many advanced default features are available to init.  

Giphy Tool

GIF plays a very major role in Blogging. It helps you to grab the customer’s attention to get converted. Giphy tool is a GIF designing tool for your website and social sharing content. Most of the pro bloggers build attractive websites using this GIF creation tool.

Best Tool To Write Professional And Faster Content

How to Rule in the Blogging Industry? We all know every blogger wants to rule in this blogging. Some bloggers have very strong faith in it. Is this possible to rule in blogging? The answer is yes. If you want you can become an unbreakable pro blogger with the help of your professional and valuable content. 

So here you can write professional content in less time by using the best of this tool. These tools are easy to the operator and highly recommendable tools.

Here we go towards our first tool

Grammarly Tool

Are you in trouble while writing content? Or if you feel like there are some grammatical mistakes in your content and you are not able to resolve them then do not worry. With the help of Grammarly tools you can easily resolve all grammatical errors and it also gives you a comprehensive response.

It’s an open-source source tool you can go free and paid. Grammarly tools are one of the most preferable and well-known blogging tools.

Scrivener (Writing Tool) 

Still using Microsoft Word for writing if yes then you need to upgrade yourself by using some advanced and fastest writing tools. Scrivener tool has multiple advanced features and it allows you to manage your notes within this tool. You can store your important stuff whether it is in image format, written format, or web pages.

As a blogger, you should not spend much time managing your content. So use these advanced tools and save your time.

Are you in trouble while writing content? Or if you feel like there are some grammatical mistakes in your content and you are not able to resolve them then do not worry. With the help of Grammarly tools you can easily resolve all grammatical errors and it also gives you a comprehensive response.

It’s an open-source source tool you can go free and paid. Grammarly tools are one of the most preferable and well-known blogging tools.

Google Docs Tool

How to  associate with a team while writing the content? This is a major concern that must be resolved.

Here Google Docs is the best and easiest way to share your content with your team while writing your content. Almost every blogger and nor even bloggers in many organizations are using this tool.

Google docs is rapidly using tools in blogging. Every beginner and expert bloggers are using it and managing their work easily.  

Toggl Tool

How do you track your working time as a professional blogger? It’s very important to track your time as a professional digital marketer. Here by using the toggl tool you can perform your task according to the time. And then you can analyze your performed task after stopping the tracker. 

In blogging you must have focus on your time and your productivity and this tool will help you to analyze your outputs. Most recommendable and proven tool by pro bloggers.   

Scribus Tool

Must have an attractive and engaging layout in your content. Do you know how to create fascinating outlines for words? If your answer is no then scribus tool is for you with the help of this tool you can design professional layouts. It’s easy to learn and an open source tool. 

Best Tools to Distribute Your Content Globally

Now you have completed your quality content with the help of recommended tools and after this if you are a new blogger and there is few traffic in your website then you have to spread out your content globally through most recommended tools by experts. 

As you know that reaching out to the people who really need your content is very important initially you have to spread out your content to the targeted traffic through your social media. And here you can do some smart work by using  recommended marketing tools by professionals.  

Content distribution tools will help you to understand the reader persona. And there are various functionalities available in these tools.Here are some very crucial functionalities of these marketing tools.

  • Easily understand the reader’s persona.
  • Easily manage multiple social media profiles in one place.
  • Easily schedule multiple content in advance.
  • Easily allow to analyze your multiple content.
  • Easily allow you to make an unbreakable relationship with your audience. 

 These marketing tools are extremely going to help you to become a king of the blogging industry. 

Buffer Tool 

One of the most effective and productive free social media marketing tools is buffer. I have ever seen this type of tool anywhere. Buffer allows you to lead multiple social media platforms  without any difficulty. it also allows you to schedule multiple content at the same time. It has strong authority and curability among the entire market.  

Buffer management tools are free to use and you can also go for paid plans. There are various free tools out there but buffers have very unique and easy to use functionalities so that each and every individual can operate without any trouble. 

Hootsuite Tool

How to share content across multiple social media platforms from a single platform? Most of the bloggers are spending so much time sharing the content in multiple platforms why only lack of tools. Here Hootsuite allows you to publish content on various platforms and here you can manage your time by scheduling your content.

Most of the big organizations and professional bloggers are dedicated using this tool and they are managing their multiple social media channels easily.

Emma Tool 

Emma tool is a leading and professional email marketing content sharing tool. Here you can create a user friendly email campaign that will help to reach our targeted audience at required time. Emma has powerful robotization features that allow you to connect with your audience by creating beautiful campaigns.

MailChimp Tool

Mailchimp is also one of the best recomendable email marketing tools which is free to use and unbreakable output. Here you can also set a robotic and beautiful campaign that will help you to convey your each latest content that you will write. 

Mailchimp is especially recommended for beginner bloggers. If you don’t have a huge mailing list then you can use it free of cost.

Google Webmaster Tool

Do you know to track your particular keyword ? by using this tool you will get the advanced SEO feature where you can track your keyword ranking and then it also allows you to create link building for that particular keyword that will help you to get unlimited traffic. 

Google webmaster tool performs blog analytics. Here you can track all the traffic, performance, average CTR, average position of your blog,total clicks and total impressions of your content. 

Best Tool to Manage Ideas 

Google Calendar Tool

Google calendar is one of the most useful tools that must have each and every blogger. It’s very difficult to keep all the content ideas and content publish date and time in our mind and as a blogger must have some tools that can help you to keep all the ideas and content calendar.

Here you can also schedule your multiple content timing according to your preferences and as well as  platforms algorithms time. This tool will increase your productivity. 

Trello Tool

Trello is a one of the most popular and trustable time management tools used by every pro blogger. If you are not using this then you are holding back your expected productivity. In Trello you can store your content ideas and it’s a very easy to customizable tool.  

Microsoft OneNote 

If you are in blogging field  then how do you share your documents, ideas and important data with your team? Many bloggers are lettraly lacking these tools and they are not able to manage their work professionally. Here by using Microsoft onenote will help to collaborate your ideas with your team or clients in different formats like image, pdf, documents and infographic format. 

So If you are a Microsoft user then its free for you. Must use this tool only you have to visit its official website and go for signup then it allows you to operate.  


Blogging industry is rapidly dominating all the industries. As a blogger no one can perform unbreakable without these tools. It can rapidly expand your productivity and your valuable time. Once you become the master of  these tools then no one can compete with you and your name will be shortlisted for the expert pro bloggers category.

Now it’s up to you which is your most likeable tool that you want to make a part of your blogging. Every expert pro blogger’s work depends upon these tools so lacking this tool can kill your blogging journey.      

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