Top 3 Latest Designs of Abaya in Dubai

Obviously! Modest as well as stylish dressing plays an important part in portraying your personality. Especially for women, the abaya carries immense significance while working at the office, going out on the streets roaming or just hanging out with best friends. Luckily, Dubai is full of popular shops of abayas that you will surely love it. For many Muslim women, abayas are a must wardrobe staple. However, this attire is not created the same at all rather it has different versatile designs and styles that you can pick up according to your occasion need. There is a diverse range available in this outfit that can make your choice a challenging one such as open, fancy luxury, beaded pearl, embroidered, batwing, portrait, printed, maxi, full length and a lot more that will surely be adored by you. Maybe you will start wondering which style works best for your shape and special event.

Furthermore, it is loose-fitted clothing that covers everything from shoulders to toes which makes it an excellent choice. Plus, it is available in many styles of buttons, zippers or simple openings from the head. Continue reading this blog that has a lot of new styles of abayas for your new looks on different occasions.

1- Classic Abaya 

If you are travelling in a city like Dubai then it is one of the most popular kinds of Abaya in the Arab world. Luckily, it is available in different colors, designs, styles, patterns, sizes and materials that you can combine with any type of clothing with head scarves. However, it is a loose-fitted skirt that you can wear to ankle length that will be a great choice to wear in religious ceremonies and mosques. Additionally, it has the availability of every sort of color and style that make you look classy as well as modest. Yet try this sleek and chic design by buying it from a trustworthy store Namshi deals and get the chance to grab amazing deals.

 2- Batwing Abaya

If you are looking for a modest as well as ultra-stylish look then don’t get forget to try this wonderful batwing from Dubai. The sky is limitless and so is the design and style of this abaya. Unlike others, it has two sleeves that extend excessively to cover your whole upper arm. Luckily, this style you can wear this with inner trousers, and jeans, thus making you look pretty elegant on your formal occasion. However, it is the versatile abaya in its designs, styles, pattern and fabric that you will make you happy thus giving you the exquisite look among other women.

3- Printed Abaya 

Last but not least, if you are looking for something different then must have this most committed and latest design of abaya. Usually, it is a blend of many beautiful colors with patterned leaves design or floral patches all around it. Other than this, it is made up of silk or many other fabrics that are mostly seen in bright vibrant colors thus try it wearing in universities, colleges or friends’ bridal shower.