Organizing a corporate event on a catamaran – choosing quality leisure in Barcelona

If you want to celebrate your corporate event or any other holiday in a grand manner, then consider such a type of water transport as a catamaran. As a rule, most organizations organize at least 1-2 parties a year. Joint celebration of the event fosters team cohesion and sets a positive mood. Undoubtedly, holidays organized year after year should not be identical. It is advisable to constantly come up with something new when planning a holiday. If you are looking for an unconventional solution that will help you organize a corporate event with quality and grandeur, you can order a catamaran at any convenient time. Nowadays, a large number of companies offer this service at an attractive cost. The choice of models is so huge that you can easily find an optimally beneficial solution.

Corporate event on a boat – high-quality service

A party organized on a ship differs from a traditional holiday in the following features:

  • Holding the holiday in the open air, away from the city hustle and bustle, and surrounded by beautiful nature.
  • Only invited persons will be on board. Strangers will not get on board. The sailing route is developed individually.
  • High service. A wide selection of entertainment programs. You can invite a presenter, artists, musicians, etc. to the board. A banquet on a catamaran is a great opportunity to treat yourself to dishes from experienced chefs. A favorable psychological climate on board is guaranteed.
  • The opportunity to organize fireworks after the end of the festive event. A sea trip on a catamaran will please everyone without exception.
  • Teambuilding on the boat. An exciting entertainment program, thought out by professionals, will adorn any holiday. Scenarios are developed based on the chosen theme.

Many believe that organizing a holiday on board is expensive. But this opinion is wrong. Recreation in restaurant conditions for a number of reasons can turn out to be more expensive. The event on board will not only be unforgettable and interesting but also allows you to get bright, beautiful shots against the backdrop of the water surface and city attractions.

You can choose a vessel for any company. It can be a small type of water transport or a spacious ship designed for a large number of people. A banquet organized on board will leave a lot of positive emotions. Modern ships are equipped with dance floors that are convenient to use. You can decorate ships for any theme (balls, flower arrangements, fabric drapes are used).

If you are looking for a suitable vessel for organizing leisure on the water, you can rent a catamaran in Barcelona for a corporate event here All services are provided competently and at a high level of quality. Order leisure on a catamaran in trusted companies.